Adobe Studio Exchange

Downloadable Actions, Brushes, Patterns and more. Features available for many Adobe Products. MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED (FREE).


All Music Guide

Search by Artist, Album, Song, Title or Label. One of the most complete music-related sources I have seen.





Text the reads the same right-side up and upside-down.

The Anagram Server packs quite a punch, adding punctuation to really provide a diverse range of possibilities.


The Artist's Magazine

An excellent resource for tips.


Brian Stinemetz

A friend and colleague from my Bay Area experiences.




Simply put, Eric White is an incredible painter with a touch of realism and surrealism that will set you off-kilter.





The art of Craig Mullins.His work alone could fill a museum. Traditional and digital media.




This artist from Hamburg Germany, does some amazing things with mixed media. Be sure to look at his working process (in the icons section) to see how it comes together.


Intuitive Cat Records

FBTS, Earthman, and that Intuitive Cat.



Not very robust, but how could we refuse?


Mandala Art

Repetition of simple elements in a radial or symmetrical fashion. Great fun in Photoshop.





aka National Association of Photoshop Professionals. Photoshop User and MacDesign Magazine both refer to this site for reference. Membership STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.


News of the Wierd

Available online. Get your fix now.

Life Photography by Nichelle.

All the news you don't want.


Planet Photoshop

Very good tutorials.




A colleague from SFAI who creates sculptural installations from everyday materials such as clamps, extension cords, lamps, locks, bungee cords, batteries, plywood and lumber. Also responsible for the Museum of Pocket Art.


Old-school anime the way it used to be. No Pokemon, Digimon or DragonballZ. This is the origin of all that rocks in anime.


Sand Mandalas

Another grat mandala site with Tibetan cultural connections to enhance concepts that can be pushed in Photoshop.





Great interactive Flash and Director experiments that can be downloaded. These are comparable to work made by John Medea at MIT.


Where's George?

Forget Quicken. Now you can really see where your money is going. Find a stamped bill? Log on, enter the number and join the club. Better yet, mark your own bill, log it on and wait to see where it shows up next!




World Wide Arts Resources

Artist database and more.









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